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A classmate who is a term ahead of me, (well actually she has just graduated and passed her certification exam, too) told me that when she first opened the instructions for the scholarly project, she almost threw up. When I first read the instructions, I felt the same way. It is like a thesis in a nutshell. What doctorate students do in acouple of years, we get to do in 15 weeks. Kinda like reading Harrison’s in 15 weeks (2880 pages)…

Our first assignment was to post our understanding of what the project is:

My understanding of this project is that we are to:
1. Identify and research an issue related to family practice which can improve health care in some way, by changing a protocol or creating an educational tool for patients, as examples.
2. Research this topic through an extensive literature review to determine the latest and best information on this topic, and give reasons why the topic is important and appropriate. We will describe in detail how and where we found the information, and analyze the studies using a research matrix to organize and make sense of the findings, and write a report of the research findings.
3. Use the information to develop an intervention such as a protocol change, an educational tool or presentation or evaluation tool, etc., using a theoretical framework appropriate to the topic. We will find established or create new tools for measuring the outcomes of the intervention plan.
4. Implement this plan and evaluate its effectiveness or impact using the measurement tools.
5. Make a comprehensive presentation of the topic by writing a scholarly paper.
6. Present the entire project to the class via a powerpoint presentation
7. Provide feedback to our classmates throughout.

Oookaaaaay…..I know I can, I know I can…just call me Thomas the train.

Well, they say you can eat an elephant if you do it one bite at a time…

So the first bite is deciding on the topic after voluminous research including only primary sources. Primary sources include clinical trials, case controlled studies, etc. Lots of digging through databases including Med Line and CINAHL, reading about correlation, significancy, variants, samples and cohorts, analysis with various esoteric formulae. A little light reading,  hahaha.  All those mad scientists out there love to write up their research in a way to make you crazy yourself trying to figure it all out.

Okay, one bite at a time, what will my project be about? Let’s try diabetic feet.

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