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Wow, I can’t believe it. I posted my clinical hours fron the last 2 weeks, and I get a response from my instructor:

You are officially done.

Really? Already? Have I really put in over 660 hours of clinical time? I am conflicted about this. Part of me says, “You don’t know shit” and another part of me says “Wow, cool, I have learned a lot. ”

I think I will stick with the second part, I did learn a lot.

It’s funny, when I  just looked back at what I wrote, the negative feeling was in the third person, and the positive in first. Goes to show that I really do believe in myself and a little voice by my ear is telling me the bad stuff. My heart knows the amazing amount of knowledge I have gained, and experience.

There must be a point in this observation. Don’t listen to that little voice in your ear, listen to the one inside.

 One interesting thing, I got to meet a real live alligator wrestler on my last day, he had a bad shoulder. Why am I not surprised? He did tell us that alligators were easier to wrestle when they weren’t hungry…

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