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Well, it’s done

I passed the exam. Now all I have to do is wait for the paperwork to be finished and my license to come. Wow. I have a life…we are going to have a beach picnic at sundown to celebrate!

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My project presentation went less than smoothly. My internet connection went down smack in the middle of it (gotta love Florida summer storms) and I got back on just when they were ready to quit on me. Then almost to the end, the teacher dropped out and didn’t come back on until after the question and answer session was finished. I got docked 2 points for going overtime. Oh, well.

Now, as I look back, the stressing out over it seems silly. I got a good grade. I am happy. I am surrounded by packing boxes. My final grade posted for both classes and it all ended up being very good.

It seems strange to have no papers to write, no discussions to post in. The laptop keeps ending up in front of me and I don’t know what to do with it. I check the weather and news obsessively. This has to stop! Classes are over. School is finished, done, complete, OVER.

I am looking forward to learning my new job. I guess now I will have to rename the blog to “Trials and Tribulations of a NEW nurse practitioner.”

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I just signed up to take my certification exam through AANP next Friday. Until then, I will be wearing headphones to my personal CD player listening to the Fitzgerald review lectures. Wish me luck. This is the big one.

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Okay, this is it. I am finally done. Today I completed my last assignment. Now, I can start to live again. Wow, a real life of just going to work and coming home, no homework, no papers, no studying.

Oh, wait. I forgot. The certification exam. Darn…

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