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Friday was my last day working as an RN. My feet will be happy. I mentioned after the first day, that I would have to put the gel insoles back in my sneakers , only to find out they were already in the shoes when I took them off that evening!

 I have to say, I love being an RN, and I hope that as an ARNP, I will get even more satisfaction doing patient centered care. I also hope that I won’t have to be quite as physically active as those days in the endoscopy lab turned out to be. I had worked a couple of days a week in the lab, ostensibly to see what the tests are all about so I can better educate and reassure my future patients(although, being a good girl, I have had my colonoscopy and knew that test personally), but also because I needed the moola. I learned a lot about the people working at my new place of employment: a lot of characters, but a great team. Being a bit of a character myself, I think I will fit in just fine.

Well, my ARNP license is finally in, after obsessively checking my application status online multiple times a day, it was there. It was so cool to see my name with credentials: Nurse Practitioner after it on the license verification form. WooHoo!

The head physician gave me a packet of papers to fill in, to get priviliges at the two hospitals we work in. I applied and got my NPI number. Tomorrow we will have to knock out a NP practice/collaboration protocol as required by the state of Florida. We NPs must be well “supervised” by the all-knowledgable MD. Frankly, at this point in my fledgling career, I am glad of all the “supervision” I can get! I was given two GI books to read, Lange’s current on GI and endoscopy and a book of “secrets” in GI practice. Again, I am amazed at how much I actually know, and how little I actually know.

Last weekend, I attended a GI conference in Orlando with some of the nurses and physicians from the practice, very informative. My favorite lecture was “Interesting anorectal cases”……With pictures………Right before lunch……I can’t even imagine what the staff of the ritzy hotel must think. We lined up for a group photograph by the pool, and some wit in the nearby crowd yelled “Say colonoscopy!”.

Tomorrow will be interesting, my first day as a “big person” as the RN supervisor put it recently.

PS: I just saw that I was listed as one of the best 25 nursing blogs. Wow, I am honored!

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I have received my degree/diploma, my certification from AANP has come through. Now all I have to do is wait for the state to issue my license before I can actually start to work as an NP. Of course, there is still also the obtaining of an NPI number, which I understand is very quick, then the credentialing and practice protocol and credentialing at the hospital to do. I don’t have to worry about a DEA license, as Florida is one of the two backward states that does not allow NPs to prescribe controlled substances. This is a laugh as it is  a few unscrupulous MDs in this state that run the pill mills, not NPs.

Anyway, I got to spend a couple of days observing in the endo lab, which was fun and gave me a chance to see the procedures and get to know some of the other staff. An interesting moment when the nursing supervisor said to me, “We get a half-hour lunch, but, oh yeah, you are going to be one of the “big people”, so you can do what you want.”


I am looking forward to starting my new career. All of the staff and the physicians are really nice and supportive. It is all looking good.

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