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A moment to reflect

I recently met an 88 year-old survivor of the holocaust. This person survived four different extermination camps as a teenager. The only surviving member of his family. And a cancer survivor as well.

It makes me realize that nothing that could happen to me could even remotely approach the suffering this person faced in their lifetime. And he still smiled and joked with me.

“Humor is what keeps me going.” he said. I shared my favorite joke. He had already heard it, but that was okay, we still laughed together. I didn’t cry until I got home.


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One of the hardest things to do when starting a new job, is to get a handle on the office politics. The difficulty level is higher when there is a large group of physicians, other mid-levels and a large assortment of assistants and office personnel. Add some new services being set up and the mix gets a bit volatile.

I have never been a real political person, so I would have had a real problem with all of this only a few years ago. After the rigors of post-graduate education, and the “Project”, it seems that I have developed some new skills in dealing with the politics, and a higher level of personal confidence. So far, things are going relatively smoothly, and I am learning who the movers and shakers are, how to keep myself in the loop, who are my allies and which people I need to be careful around.

All in all, considering the amount of people in the practice and the sheer amount of patients seen and procedures done, this three-ring circus operates quite smoothly, and I am feeling more comfortable each day in my new role. We are settling into our new community, making new friends and enjoying the outdoor activities and beautiful surroundings we have here. There is a 43 mile long bicycle trail which runs past lakes, parks, and forest near by which we are enjoying each weekend. Life is good.

I need a new bicycle…

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