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Change of venue

After a few months with the GI group, I made the decision (not easy) that it was not the place for me for various reasons, including that a specialty is not as interesting as family practice. The multiple MDs and lack of support in my role of new grad and new employee made for a large amount of stress. I was offered a position in a small rural health clinic nearby which had only one doctor and a PA, and a very friendly staff . Moving jobs was a no-brainer, especially as there is a good possibility that my student loans will get paid off by HRSA.

It seems that sometimes things are not as advertised. The place which seems really great at first, may not be a good fit after all. I suppose in retrospect, that my biggest concerns (the large amount of MDs and the fact that a specialty would require a lot more studying to catch up) were legitimate. The support promised did not materialize, and on top of that I ended up feeling quite alone, as I was in this middle area, not allowed to “socialize” with the staff, and not considered part of the MD inner circle either. Turns out, I was never actually in the loop af

So, now I find myself in a totally different environment, where we all feel like a big family with joking around a bit accepted, and a group of people willing to help each other out and work as a true team. The physician and PA are completely supportive. What a difference! It is nice to hear someone tell you did a good job at the end of the day.

And, being back in a family practice environment is great. Well, I had almost forgotten the “Oh and by the way, I also wanted to talk about…..” after the visit was over and the chart done. I am getting better again at the “well, we can make another appointment for you to go over that.”

I feel so much less anxious and stressed, I might be able to get back into more regular blog posts!

I wish you all a happy new year, and hope that  all of you had a fantastic holiday.


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