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Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I had to make a trip to Europe as my mother as very ill, and did pass away. In a way it is a relief as she had been ill and in pain for quite a while. She is at rest now. My family and I have to deal with international laws about wills and estates, which has taken up a lot of time and energy. Mom wasn’t quite as organized as we would have liked.

Back at home, I am still loving my new job. I get to see all the basic day-to-day health issues. Last week was allergy and sinuses week, seasoned with occasional bronchitis. This week was thrush and cerumen impaction week. There also has been an increasing stream of PAPs, the ladies are catching on to the fact that there is a female provider in the house now. I did request, rather strongly, that I wanted to have the clear plastic speculums (specula?)and not the ancient metal ones I found in the drawer. They complied, thankfully. It is hard enough to peer down a vagina and locate a cervix with the lamp over your shoulder, without also having to deal with old-fashioned metal speculums. This IS a rural health clinic, but I have to draw the line somewhere. 🙂

It is great getting positive feedback. The assistants and the PA and physician all keep telling what wonderful things the patients are saying about me. Someone get a pin, my head is getting bigger. This afternoon, a patient was dropping off his Hemoccult cards (he refused a colonoscopy even though he has a history of polyps), and the nursing assistant said he didn’t look too good. The patient agreed to come back and let me have a look at him. When I walked into the room, he told me “My wife thinks you walk on water.” Well, that is tough to live up to, and I remarked that I hoped I wouldn’t fall off that pedestal, to which he replied, “well you wouldn’t drown if you did.” The hemoccults came back positive x3, his labs which I had ordered the last visit showed anemia. A glance at the last two notes showed a weight loss of 8 pounds in a month, and he was complaining of some vague abdominal “twinges”. I wasn’t able to locate the site of the pain when I palpted his abdomen, but I thought I felt something, well, thick. I told him about the hemoccult tests and the anemia. He agreed to go to GI to be checked out. I told the girl p front to make sure that he got an appointment as soon as possible. I am frankly worried about him.

This afternoon, when I was getting ready to leave, the physician sat down next to me and said “Did you hear about the 85 year old woman you sent to get an ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis because she had some tenderness and a little vaginal bleeding?” I hadn’t, she had come back while I was away. “I just wanted to let you know that she has ovarian cancer and is getting surgery soon. I am glad you caught that.” Wow.


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